Who is Veerle Colle?

Veerle Colle describes itself as an illustrator and zero waste wannabe. During the May PlasticVrij campaign, her drawings with tips to prevent waste went around in Flanders ...

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Boc'n Roll by Roll'Eat

In every sandwich shop I go to, I put this Boc'n Roll on the counter. The seller can place my sandwich here without packaging. In a few seconds it is packed and taken. I do not lose any time, the seller does not have to make any extra effort and we have avoided disposable packaging. How cool is that!

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Party Cups by 24Bottles

Not only are they better for the environment and endlessly reusable, they are also simply fancy. Do you have a lot of parties or are you going to an event or concert? Then such a cup is handy for beer, soft drinks, water, ... Since it is not glass, but stainless steel, it cannot break if you accidentally let it slip out of your hands during a wild dance.


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Clima Bottle by 24Bottles

Do you not yet have a thermos for hot drinks or are you looking for something to keep your drink "cool" in the summer? Then this thermos is ideal. Your drink will stay hot or cold in it for a day. I like to choose a black color that is very rustic and suits every occasion.


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Infuser lid by 24Bottles

Do you like super tea? Then this infuser is super handy to add to your Clima Bottle. For hot drinks you can filter tea here. In the summer, if you need something fresh, you can put mint leaves or lemon in it for delicious fresh water with a taste.

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Zero Waste Calendar

For those who want less waste, less waste and the waste is so tired: I wrote a book in which I share a tip every day that you can help with a "Zero Waste Lifestyle"! We published it as a calendar that you can reuse or pass on year after year. Note: if you want to give this as a Christmas gift to someone: wrap it in a reusable scarf, newsprint or put it in a nice box. The first tip has already been given!