The Reflective Notabag is a smart combination of a bag and a backpack made of highly visible reflective material. Just like the original Notabag, it quickly changes from a bag to a backpack with a pull on the straps.


In the bag there is an enclosed bag where you can store your wallet or keys. When the bag is not in use, it folds into that bag and becomes a hand-sized bag.


This light, environmentally-friendly carrier bag changes the rules and adapts to daily life; practical and flexible like no other.


The Reflective Notabag adds extra safety on the street by making cyclists, pedestrians, skaters or practically everyone wearing it visible at night.


  • - Back and straps made of highly visible reflective material
    - Size: 45 × 65 cm
    - Pocket size: 13 × 15.5 cm
    - Polyester blend of cotton and rip-stop
    - Reusable / environmentally friendly
    - Water repellent
    - Can be used in the washing machine